Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle CullenWHO: From the Twilight movie, you may think Dr. Carlisle Cullen is just a handsome man with extremely blond hair that matches his pale skin (and is comfortable wearing pretty scarves), but there’s much more to him than that. As the patriarch of the Cullen family, he holds them together through anything that comes their way, instilling in them that the most important thing is their family. Well…family, and not killing humans (thank goodness for that!).

WHY SO GENTLE? To put it simply, Carlisle is a compassionate man. His compassion for others and humankind is what keeps his determination strong in not feeding on humans. In his early life as a vampire, he tried to kill himself but to no avail. After facing hunger for so long, he fed on a group of deer passing by and realized that he could continue on as a vampire who doesn’t need human blood to survive.

LONELY PERHAPS? In his 300+ years as a vampire (his physical age is 23), he learned to perfect his medicine practice and demonstrated tremendous self-control while caring for patients (brrrr…his touch must’ve been cold!). While working in a hospital in Chicago during the Spanish influenza, he found Edward dying of the influenza and saved him by turning him into a vampire.

EVER THE DIPLOMAT: Years ago, when the Quileute tribe found some of the Cullens hunting animals on their land and saw what they were, Carlisle convinced the tribe to agree to a treaty that would keep peace between them as long as they didn’t hunt on Quileute land.

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